EDC 923: Workshop for Teachers
TOPIC: Online Collaboration in Education

A unit on Student to Student Internet Collaboration for faculty to implement in content area lessons

A vision of 21st century learners and why online collaboration is important for creating life-long learners.

The purpose of this wiki is to provide a template for teachers to create student to student online collaboration lessons. By using this wiki, teachers will be able to implement an assignment where students will be required to collaborate with their peers. Each mini-lesson in this wiki contains a a description and directions for using a different online communication tool along with suggestions for use, samples, and sources for further information. Each communication tool is described using a different type of development tool to demonstrate the plethora of programs available to educators (for free).

Communication Tools:
with mini-lessons and examples

Graphic Representation of Communication Tools:

Considerations for collaboration:

  • Comparison of collaboration tools
  • Pros and cons of online collaboration with students
  • Future growth

Created using online collaboration in July 2009 by:
Donna Esposito, LMS, Hopewell, NJ
Mary Schwander , LMS, New Hope, PA
Abbe Waldron , LMS, Litchfield,CT
Tamara Weinberg, LMS, Fairfield, CT
Jane Wilson, Technology Resource Teacher, Fairfield, CT